Smartris - Scalable drive system solution

Smart wheel drive solution for AGV consisting of motor, gearbox, drive & wheel. Developed for various types of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to deliver highest performance, maximum precision and reliability of integrated components

3D model of a Smartris device with emphasis on the cycloid gearbox, the rubber wheel and the servo motor
Cycloid Gearbox
Rubber Wheel
Servo Motor
a 3d model of the drive module
  • Dimensions
  • Performance
  • Duration
  • Speed
  • Payload
  • Security
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    Integration into AGV needs to be as space-saving as possible. Decisive is the length of construction. Our solutions are among the shortest on the market across all product lines.
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    Maximum precision and reliability of the motors and gear as well as a low moment of inertia. Drives your need to build the future. Energy efficient, dynamic, agile and with maximum secure.
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    Depending on your application and the design up to 20.000 hours of lifetime are possible. Reliability at its best. Maintenance free.
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    Up to 2m/s and 1,0m/s² acceleration. Rated output torques up to 90nm, max. acceleration torque >300Nm. Due to our cyclo principle highest shock load capacity can be provided (up to 500%).
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    Depending on the combination, the AGV can be used with a wide range of transportable weights. Radial load from 1.500 N to 16.000N per driven wheel. Made to carry heavy pay loads.
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    Runs safely with cyclo principle and high overload capability. Leak tight design for environmental safety.

Collaboration of Lafert Group and Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Shaping the future together. Lafert's impressive customer-specific solutions for electric motors and drives meet Sumitomo's comprehensive expertise in (industrial) gears and geared motors

Technical Specs

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  • Exclusive AGV actuator
    Packaging of gears, servo motors, and drivers designed exclusively. Precision control by servomotor & driver is possible.
  • Compact Housing
    Compact because the gear is in-wheel. Contributing to lower floors of AGV and effective utilization of space inside AGV.
  • Flexible Mounting
    Prepare two types of mounting type: shaft rotation type and frame rotation type. Choose according to your design.
  • Wide range of transportable weight
    Prepare multiple sizes and reduction ratios. Depending on the combination, the AGV can be used with a wide range of transportable weights.

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